What we do

Here at Machuca Engineering Ltd we cater to all types areas from commercial to domestic industries with repairs, servicing and new builds.


As metal fabricators we have specialist welding equipment to undertake all welding tasks, ranging from small repairs and servicing to large production. We weld the three main types of metals - ALUMINIUM, STAINLESS STEEL and MILD STEEL. 

We use high quility equipment supplied from a british supplier known for their great standards and machines in the industry.

A small sample of the repairs and servicing we carry out:

Step ladders, aircraft steps and trestals.

Holed or cracked sumps, gearbox mountings and engine mountings.

Alloy wheels, aluminium frames, aluminium brackets.

Gate frames, metal posts and door frames.

Industrial machinery, domestic and commercial machinery.


We use a local welding supplier for our consumables to support our community around the area. 


As well as the welding we have the experience and the skills to undertake many types of metal fabrication for

different areas within industry. We have worked in areas such as commercial vehicles, construction, manufacturing and production as well as private projects.

With our aluminium and stainless steel welding we can accommodate many areas within the local area and further afield with your projects.

We are able to cut, fold and weld to take on most fabrication projects such as:

Bus, truck and coach panels.

Post holding brackets, base plates, various types of frames

Most types of bracketry.

Light and heavy duty door frames, gates and bespoke table frames.

Fire hydrant stands, hose stands, gate stands.

Metal benches and workshop frames and tops.



We provide services to maintain and keep all your metal structures and frames. Our welding and fabrication experience come into this area of the business to help with solutions for repairing damaged sections of equipment or vehicles to keep you on the safe and working side of your business.

For any more information please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help and advise.


*At Machuca Engineering ltd we have recently invested in a CNC plasma cutting table which we are able to take on bespoke fabrication of parts, metal signs*

and much more.