What we do

Machuca Engineering Ltd understands the contraints of the industry and thats why we come to you, saving time and getting your vehicle back on the road promptly


Our mobile service comes to your premises. We believe that undertaking the repair at your premises gives the you the best knowledge of the progression of the repair. If there are any underlying issues that may need to be resolved then this can be handled straight away. 

It has been proven that doing repairs in house is far more quicker then outsourcing to repair centers.

We are very flexible with the repair project in terms of costing as we can do the full repair, from sourcing parts and materials or we can liase with your storesman to arrange the parts to be ordered.

Minor work:

Panel damage - fiberglass and aluminium replace or repair

Pillar replacements

Metal frame replacement from rust or damage

Seat repairs or modifications for extra strength

Interior roof/side panel replacement

Major work:

All round major RTC's from start to finish*

Out rigger/crossmember replacments and weld

Vehicle body frame pulling and pushing with our dozer and porta power systems

Front dash fiberglass replacement

Vehicle modifications from service vehicle to driver training ect.

*Vehicles will need to be sent offsite for spraying if to large to be aerosol sprayed or brush painted.


Most vehicles at some point will need the floor (in various areas) to be replaced. We can come to site with minimal downtime for the vehicle and this floor can be renewed. The lino will be specially welded and advanced contact adhesive used for superior hold.

No need to order the sheets of already cut ply as we can cut and router the edges if needed to get the best possible fit saving costs on materials and less waste.

We treat the metal work with undercoat before we fit the flooring down prolonging the life of the metal work of the vehicle, if the metal work is rusted.. no problem!

We will remove and weld in the new metal and treat.

Types of work:

*Full floor replacements

*Lino replacement

*Ply wood profile cutting and routering

*Floor modifications for wheelchair ramp usage

*Raising the level of the floor for specialist vehicles